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Welcome to the Parole Board & Sex Offender Community Notification Unit

The Rhode Island Parole Board is committed to promoting public safety. The Board is made up of seven members appointed by the Governor and authorized by statute R.I.G.L.13-8-1 to evaluate and consider the conditional early release of incarcerated offenders who have been sentenced to imprisonment for a term of more than six (6) months. Eligibility for initial parole consideration is determined by statute and calculated by the RI Department of Corrections. Generally, initial parole eligibility occurs when an offender has served at least one third (1/3) of his or her sentence. This includes those offenders sentenced to serve their prison term on community confinement. Initial parole eligibility for offenders sentenced to a term of Life is set by R.I.G.L.13-8-13. Medical parole for any offender not serving a Life sentence is guided by R.I.G.L. 13-8.1-4.

Using structured decision-making and following release criteria set by statute, the Parole Board has broad discretion to determine whether and when early release from prison for eligible offenders should be granted. The Board considers a host of factors including the nature and seriousness of the offense, victim impact, criminal history, institutional adjustment, parole plan and treatment needs to name a few. If paroled, an offender is subject to community supervision under the terms and conditions set by the Board until the expiration of what would have been the offenders remaining jail sentence.

The Rhode Island Parole Board is victim-centered and provides crime victims (or immediate family members of deceased victims) the opportunity to appear before the Board when an offender is being considered for release. Through a Victims of Crime Act grant, a part-time victim advocate is available to provide advocacy, resource and referrals and opportunities for restorative justice such as victim-offender mediation. Victims are encouraged to contact the victim advocate with any questions or updates to contact information. The Parole Process for Victims link on this site will provide further information for crime victims wishing to access our services.

Community and victim safety is paramount to the Parole Board. Parolees are supervised by the RI Department of Corrections Parole Unit. Using intensive supervision, graduated sanctions and ultimately parole revocation and re-incarceration, the Board strives to attain successful prisoner reentry and reduced recidivism.

Finally, the Parole Board, through its Sex Offender Community Notification Unit (SOCNU), works with the Sex Offender Board of Review, in the application and implementation of sexual offender leveling, registration and community notification under the various statutory provisions of the general laws. The Parole Board further has jurisdiction and responsibility for the lifetime community supervision of persons convicted of 1st degree child molestation, and, up to 30 years after release of adult persons convicted of 2nd degree child molestation. The SOCNU investigates and refers community supervision offenders to the Parole Board for its review and imposition of conditions of supervision. On behalf of the RI Parole Board, I hope this site is of assistance to you and encourage your input to allow us to better serve the citizens of the State of Rhode Island. Please feel free to contact the Parole Board at doc.parolebd@doc.ri.gov if you have questions or comments. .

Laura A. Pisaturo,Esq.
Chairperson, Rhode Island Parole Board